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With Illinois Energy, choosing the natural gas plan that's best for you is easy. We offer great fixed rate (PriceGuard® Plan), flat monthly bill (Guaranteed Bill Plan), variable rate (FlexPlan®), combined fixed rate and variable rate (TruBalance® Plan) and variable rate with a cap (PriceCap® Plan) plans all designed to meet your needs. Information regarding these rate plans and rates is provided below.

Illinois Energy's price may be higher than traditional utility service at any time during the term of your agreement.  Illinois Energy is not the same entity as your gas delivery company. You are not required to enroll with Illinois Energy. Beginning on , Nicor Gas’ gas supply cost rate per therm is $0.42; North Shore Gas’ gas supply cost rate per therm is $0.3512 per therm; or Peoples Gas’ gas supply cost rate per therm is $0.3156 per therm. The utility gas supply cost will expire on . For more information go to the Illinois Commerce Commission's free website at

PriceGuard rates and price plans effective  to  and subject to our terms and conditions of service.

FlexPlan, TruBalance and PriceCap price plans and rates effective 9/1/2023 to 9/30/2023 and subject to our terms and conditions of service. The variable rate component of our currently available plans including a monthly per therm price are based on a publicly available index using the following formula: the sum of: (1) Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI) Chicago Citygate first-of-month (FOM) index price*, converted to a price per therm, and (2) 20¢ per therm. Currently available variable rate prices based on this formula are posted on the Illinois Energy website before the end of the first business day of every month. Variable rate prices based on an index representing market prices may change or remain the same each month based on market conditions. Market prices and indices can be highly volatile and there is no limit on how much the price per therm may change from one billing cycle to the next.

*The NGI FOM index price represents the market value of natural gas in the wholesale market for a particular location (Chicago Citygate), over a specified period of time. NGI is a natural gas price reporting agency. For more information visit:

    For commercial natural gas service inquiries, please call 1.877.292.9363.

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    IE does not currently have a qualifying Commission-approved guaranteed savings plan under which it can serve customers who have received financial assistance under the LIHEAP program in the previous 12 months or who currently are on PIPP.