Residential Energy Plans

Guaranteed Bill℠

Guaranteed Bill makes it easy for you to do monthly budgeting. You pay the same amount every month for 12 months, regardless of the weather and changing gas prices — guaranteed!

  • Protects you from unpredictable weather and fluctuating natural gas prices    
  • Know exactly what you're paying each month
  • One convenient, monthly gas bill from us
  • Makes setting a household budget easy; no unexpected adjustments for 12 months

Know What You're Paying Each Month

Lock in before the next heating season when cold weather can play havoc on your gas bills.

  • Illinois Energy will supply your gas
  • Your gas utility will continue to read your meter, deliver your gas, and respond to any gas leaks

How It Works

By choosing Guaranteed Bill, you will be enrolling in your utility’s Choice program if you are not already with a Choice supplier. Your terms and conditions can vary, depending on the date of enrollment. Click here to view our terms. The total Guaranteed Bill plan charges over the term of the plan agreement may be higher than the total cost of traditional utility service over that same period and customers may not save money on the plan.

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